[Bf-committers] I'd like to kill the soft body module

Carsten Wartmann cw at blenderbuch.de
Thu Mar 4 14:43:12 CET 2010

bjornmose wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was a bit surprised by the responses.
> I think the cloth module does all the task the SB module did,  it uses 
> the same mathematical/physical model,
> but with a smarter UI,  better integration  to the modifier stack, 
> better global collision cache, better rock solid ODE solver for stiff 
> situations  and more.
> Some tiny extra options of doubtable use may be missing or simply need a 
> different set up.
> However there still is the question:
> How to move from SB to cloth with existing files?
> Plain and simple: I don't know.
I did a small test, but I could not get Cloth to act exactly as SB. Of 
course I have few understanding of the
params and their internal definitions etc. so maybe it is possible.

The movement is close, but what me worries is the "tumbling" of the 
Cloth-Cube, is is somehow real because real physics is never 
deterministic, but in Animation you often need some determistic 
behaviour so this is perhaps the better default, you can always make 
your modell imperfect.

Here is the file: http://www.pasteall.org/blend/2053


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