[Bf-committers] Google Summer of Code

David Hutto dwightdhutto at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 3 23:21:12 CET 2010

--- On Wed, 3/3/10, Chris Want <cwant at ualberta.ca> wrote:

From: Chris Want <cwant at ualberta.ca>
Subject: Re: [Bf-committers] Google Summer of Code
To: "bf-blender developers" <bf-committers at blender.org>
Date: Wednesday, March 3, 2010, 5:14 PM

 > I haven't heard much about Blender and GSoC this year. Is anyone
 > working on the organization application process?

Hi Mitchell,

I can apply for GSoC for Blender if nobody else wants to, but I think
it might be a good time to pass the torch to somebody who is currently
more active with Blender development -- anybody interested?

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I'm interested, but my qualifications are probably less than the pre-requisites. If no 'major' experience is required, I'll volunteer for the experience.


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