[Bf-committers] New add-on: Add Gears

Seppo Tukiainen seppo.tukiainen at pp2.inet.fi
Tue Mar 2 19:02:46 CET 2010

This is great add-on but, it's parameters differs what are used in real world for designing gears.
With the current parameters, it's not so easy to model complex transmissions.
However, here is a simple equations for calculating gears. Only few parameters are needed to design gear pairs.

For example:  Parameters for designing one straight cut gear wheel:
- MODULE:  Standardidized values, whitch defines teeth size.  -> ability to transfer power.  
- NUMBER OF TEETH:  How many tooth are needed in the wheel.
- CAP CLEARANCE:  The clearance value between two gear wheels.

All of the rest values can be calculated:  Reference diameters, Center distance, Tooth size, Pitch, etc.

These simple equations includes following:   STRAIGHT CUT GEAR (inside and external), STRAIGHT BEVEL GEAR, HELICAL GEAR (inside and external), WORM GEAR.
By using these calculations, it is werry easy to design transmissions within different sizes of gear wheels and ratios.
There is no special gears included (like non-circular).

I think that the parameters shoud be changed to represent widly used methot to calculate gear wheels.
If you are agreed that current parameters can be changed to correspond real gear's design parameters, I can send this information to required address.

Br:  Seppo Tukiainen

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