[Bf-committers] Meeting minutes, june 27 2010

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Sun Jun 27 17:12:23 CEST 2010

Hi all,

1) Current projects

- Particle branch: some tests and prototyping has been done with  
particle nodes, now it's time to make a real design doc for particle  
nodes, for which Lukas 'phonybone' Tönne could use some help and  
feedback from users.

- Campbell worked on proposals for naming properties, is a discussion  
topic for this week.

2) GSoC

- Unit tests: the meeting did a short review, using the Python api for  
a full test suite still has its limits, especially in loading .blend  
files from a running python script. For the time being it's better  
solved to start a new binary on commandline for each test.

(Germany scores 1:0)

3) Blender 2.5 beta

- Still waiting for Nathan Letwory to update on installer issue,  
Andrea is standby to help or take over.

- Meeting agrees on waiting a week to get this solved, without a  
proper installer a beta release is not acceptable. Next week another  

(Germany scores 2:0)

- Ton proposes to use a Durian splash again, like with baby dragon,  
and a subtle hint to viewers to support the project by donations or  
dvd pre-orders!

4) Durian and other updates

(England scores 2:1)

- Durian premiere will be on a real festival this time, with red  
carpet + tv + movie stars! Dat is to be announced, but will be in last  
week of september. Read more on it on durian.blender.org

(England scores 2:2, referree deletes the goal! Still 2:1)

Have fun! :)


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