[Bf-committers] easier image texturing workflow proposal

Tom M letterrip at gmail.com
Mon Jun 21 06:37:02 CEST 2010


I did some testing and the current method to set up an image texture
for painting takes 30 steps, and bunch of different tabbing switches,
and is highly prone to error.  I've included my description of how I
think it could work first, and how it currently works below.

Proposal how it could work


How it works now

texturing process blender
       enter UV view
       enter edit mode
       mark seams
       uv unwrap
       create uvs
       fit UVs to UV area
       create texture image
       assign test pattern
       switch to texture buttons
       create texture
       assign image to texture
       assign texture to UV coordinates
       enter texture mode
       set shading to texture
       make texturing tool shelf visible
       change texturing blend method
       adjust brush size
       select color
       begin painting

if you need a bump layer repeat many of  above steps, with the additional
step of assigning to nor, and adjusting the nor setting

       if you forget to save your image no warning, and saving file does not
save image.

my suggestion is based in part on the workflow in sculptris

       press paint
       confirm unwrap and image size, both the diffuse and bump layer
will be created
       adjust brush
       adjust color
       begin painting

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