[Bf-committers] unlimited clay - Arch questions

Raul Fernandez Hernandez raulf at info.upr.edu.cu
Mon Jun 14 22:14:50 CEST 2010

Hi Nicholas :)

> Hi,
> I think here neither the Mesh data structure nor EditMesh data
> structure is exactly what you want. Exactly the structure that you do
> want is a little harder to say of course :) Depends on how the mesh is
> being subdivided by unlimited clay.

 I was suspecting something like that ... you suggest as a modifier?

 I'm trying to reuse as much blender code as possible, that's why I choose
  EditMesh that has already aviable subdivission functions and more that
will be matter of plug them in the code in order to work, I will give a
last try to EditMesh to see how much performance gain I can pull of it ,
before trying other attemps.

> Anyways, it occurs to me you might want to consider writing your own
> DerivedMesh variant. Internal to your DerivedMesh, you can set up
> whatever data structure you find most helpful to accelerate your
> subdivision algorithm. Whenever the DerivedMesh is free'd, you can
> write out the changes to the real Mesh. You can also extend the PBVH
> with support for this new DerivedMesh type.
> The above is actually exactly how we do multires, which internally
> uses a quite different representation than a regular Mesh. In this way
> you can bypass editmesh entirely, while also avoiding hacking on your
> own changes to Mesh, which from my own experience is a Bad Idea. :)
> -Nicholas

 In case I have to write a new structure, how it is updated/draw in the
viewport? converting to Mesh? I hope no

                                    Thanks a lot

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