[Bf-committers] Add-Ons & Primitive Objects.

Brendon Murphy meta.androcto1 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 6 13:30:07 CEST 2010

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> Date: Sun, 6 Jun 2010 15:29:48 +1000
> From: Matt Ebb <matt at mke3.net>
> Subject: Re: [Bf-committers] Bf-committers Digest, Vol 71, Issue 16
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> On 06/06/2010, at 14:59 , Brendon Murphy wrote:
> >  suggest
> > removing this functionality even for the add-ons.
> >
> > +Matt_e agreed with Brecht
> > +Ideasman agreed with Brecht, with possible exceptions.
> >
> >> Brendon's Reply:
> > I disagree with removing this useful feature.
> > It is very useful to simply type the name of an object in the Tool Shelf
> > search to re-call it's menu.
> > Especially when dealing with more complex object types.
> > All Add_Mesh scripts use the re-call function as a requirement.
> Being useful is not the only criteria for something going into Blender's
> SVN. If we committed every 'useful' patch that was contributed, Blender
> would be in a terrible mess. Functionality must also be coded well, not use
> hidden hacks that contradict its internal design, and should also fit
> properly into Blender's user interface/interaction design, at least. This
> re-call feature doesn't fit with this.
> Python in Blender 2.5 is powerful, and allows people to create all kinds of
> hacks for their own use - this is fine, and people are free to use and
> distribute these by themselves at their own leisure/risk. But there's a big
> difference between this, and presenting these hacks as part of Blender
> itself as the addons are. If these are to be packaged with Blender, they
> must be part of Blender and abide by its same requirements, it's not a
> separate playground where anything goes.
> Matt

hi Matt,
addons are not a playground.

A compromise would be:
I'll remove the function for Blenders release.
Then put it back after.
or I can put the recall script in Contrib, the add_mesh scripts can keep
it's code & if people need it they can still use it.
I don't understand the negativity surrounding this.
If it really is such a big deal, I'll git rid of it permanently.


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