[Bf-committers] commitments to API part in Blender2.4 branch

migius at gmx.net migius at gmx.net
Sun Jun 6 02:13:47 CEST 2010

Campbell wrote: 
> If your only adding functions or attributes to the 2.4x api which are
> not changing how the existing api works its OK with me.

thanks, that is exactly what i am going to do.
No risk I will change too much there due my limited C skills. 

Nathan wrote:
> I think it'd be much more fruitful for you to start working on porting
> to Blender 2.5/2.6

I cant go into 2.5 cause its API doesn't support (yet) some functions i am working with in CADtools: e.g. wrapping/generating system calls/events and drawing ghost objects directly to 3d-view - a vital part of my virtual UI enhancements. I am really happy with Python in 2.49 cause it does the job and i do not have to wait for 2.6 release with more stable/completed API.

Developing for Blender in Python have some advantages for me compared to C:
- independent to Blender release cycle
- the code can be tested immediately on any platform without extra building procedure
- nice lightweight packages if distributing through internet
- can switch easily between versions/variants, can experiment with different UI ideas
- don't need 1GB space on my hard disk for an extern IDE  - Blender offers all developing tools i need
- do not have to learn C/C++, means more time for UI-design and Co.


PS. more details about CAdtools at

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