[Bf-committers] Add-Ons & Primitive Objects.

mindrones mindrones at gmail.com
Sat Jun 5 21:01:59 CEST 2010


On 06/05/2010 08:34 PM, Dan Eicher wrote:
> Could
> also have controlled breakage this way, all add_foo() calls (and the bundled
> scripts that use them) could be fixed on one commit.

just a note about api breakage documentation.

Sphinx permits to document when (in which version) an attribute or class 
has been changed or added, using directives "versionadded"
and "versionchanged"

If the api will be able to store the information of when a certain 
feature has been deprecated (svn revision or blender version), we can 
retrieve that information and use it in sphinx_doc_gen.py (used to 
generate api docs), then at least in docs we can change css for 
deprecated class/module/function/attribute to make this evident and 
clearly redirect users to the newer item.




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