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Nathan Letwory nathan at letworyinteractive.com
Thu Jun 3 20:15:14 CEST 2010

On 3.6.2010 19:49, Ian Watkins wrote:
> Further queries:
> 1) Is there an automated nightly build?  (e.g., BuildBot, hudson, etc)
> If not, what would it take to get one set up?  Actually, I think I
> could do this myself -- but it would lack the ability to post good
> output to a webserver.  I could easily have eail sent to this list if
> that's acceptable.

No, we don't have any official nigthly build, but graphicall.org is 
where builders can upload their own builds, and it has worked very 
nicely for our means. For linux there are already automated builds 
(triggered on commits).

For windows I started yesterday writing a small script that'd upload 
builds that are comparable to our official releases (considering they're 
then done with the very same machine as the releases will be done ;). A 
few more days and those should be there too. At least regular builds on 
a daily basis

> 2) Is there a code review tool instance?  (i.e., review board,
> crucible, reitvald, etc)  If not, can one be set up?

We use the patch tracker for external code, otherwise there's no review 
process per se. I have had experience only with review board. I'm not 
sure if up-front code review would work for our process as we know it 
currently, and I don't yet see the value in a tool like this in our case.

Code review is done mostly by module/code owners and in case of larger 
rewrites/patches, on ML or in IRC some team members are recruited to 
review the patch and give comments. This is also handled often through 
our patch tracker (see https://projects.blender.org).

I'm interested in investigating more these kind of tools for Blender 
though. Maybe the launchpad.net might prove useful - we'll see :)


Nathan Letwory
Letwory Interactive

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