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Nathan Letwory nathan at letworyinteractive.com
Thu Jun 3 20:13:05 CEST 2010

On 3.6.2010 20:09, Michael McLay wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 11:59 AM, Nathan Letwory<
> nathan at letworyinteractive.com>  wrote:
> The last thing I want to do is start a long discussion on the mailing list.
> Ideally a couple core team members would sign up for the blender repository
> on Launchpad and take it for a test drive. If they like it then we could
> continue the discussion about migrating. If they say no then the subject is
> dropped.

Please sign me up as a core team member interested in test driving again.

> About launchpad - I think I tried gaining maintainership of the Blender
>> project there, but I have had no responses to my queries, so I lost
> Interesting. Maybe you asked before they had established a process for
> determining when a maintainer needed to be replaced. It took less than a
> week for me to take over as the maintainer.

That's likely :)

> Should the need arise for making tweaks to the content of the project on
> launchpad there are many plugin tools available. If finer grain control is
> needed the Python API for LaunchPad and Bazaar provide a mechanism for
> controlling the content of the repository without the need to manage the
> software and hardware infrastructure.

Again, count me in as one of the core team members to test drive. My 
username on launchpad.net is also jesterKing :)

Thanks for your input.


Nathan Letwory
Letwory Interactive

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