[Bf-committers] Python RNA/API help/todo's

Dan Eicher dan at trollwerks.org
Wed Jun 2 20:46:18 CEST 2010

Have a simple one that adds bpy.context.scene.objects.new()


Also been working on the nodetree patch --

Have add/delete working for nodes and links, creating groups (from active
nodes) and ungrouping.

Pulled out the rna_main_api.c nodegroups.new/delete stuff since I don't
think it's supposed to work that way, the only real use for it I could find
is to pass as a second argument to NodeTree.node_add('GROUP',
to add a group node to the nodetree.

One issue that needs some work is link_add() lets you create backwards
socket links.

AFAICT everything works as it should to create, wire up and group node
chains with python. Also possible to manipulate/add/delete the nodes and
links contained within the groups.

Still need to figure out how RNA_def_property_update() does its thing

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