[Bf-committers] 5.1 surround sound in Blender?

Roger Wickes rogerwickes at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 2 17:33:23 CEST 2010

I started thinking about what this might look like in 2.7. 
Just as light raytraces and interference patterns and caustics are seen 
and emerge, so does sound.

You would need a sound emitter panel for an object
to load the sound file, with start/end frame and loop options

You would need a sound reflection panel for an object
to define the reflection frequency curve (what isnt reflected
is absorbed). With presets this allows you to simulate whatever.

3D View would enable a loudspeaker icon to hover over the object to let you 
know that an object is broadcasting a sound

Then a new type of object: microphone with appropriate icon of course
with a panel to set that microphone to pick up sounds for a channel
with a frequency response curve and level response curve, with presets
of course to simulate condenser, lavalier, shotgun, and cardoid. 
It has a direction and cone, very similar to spot lamp settings.
A mic could feed one or more channels at certain levels; e.g. a mic in front 
of the main actor would feed L and R channels evenly to overcome the 
mono -> stereo issue

A standard library rig for 2 channel camera-mounted forward, 2-channel max separation,
and 5.2 channel camera mounted, and 5.2 set mounted. You could for example
parent the mic object to a character to simulate a wireless lav.

To "render" all this, you would need a wave-broadcasting algorithim, which i guess
is similar to a raytracer, to figure out what frequency and level is being sampled
at that particular time, at 44.1 or 48 khz. 

 --Roger, not holding my breath.

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> > 5.1 sound added to 2.5. Is it? Is it in the works?
> >
> http://irukado.org/2009/05/28/blender-25s-python-uiplugin-api-a-huge-leap-forward
> >
> > <http://audaspace.wordpress.com/>
> > Jack transport added.
> > http://audaspace.wordpress.com/
> >
> > <http://audaspace.wordpress.com/>This is all I could find about sound in
> > 2.5.
> >
> > Where is the sound at? What are the plans? I could not even find pan or a
> > way to tell blender which stereo channel each sound should go to. Are the
> > devs still working on this and saving it for latter?
> >
> > Thanks! I am out to answer some questions about 2.5 and having very
> little
> > luck Googling up good sound plan info for 2.5.
> >
> > I for one think it is a super cool idea to be able to place mics and
> sounds
> > in a scene in a 3d nature!
> >
> > <http://audaspace.wordpress.com/>Thanks
> _______________________________________________On Wed, Jun 2, 2010 at 7:54
> AM, neXyon <nexyon at gmail.com> wrote:
>> 3D Audio was one of the GSoC projects I applied with, but I'm working on
>> the Game Engine API now as GSoC project, so I don't have time to do much
>> audio coding and there is no other audio developer. 3D audio works only
>> with OpenAL in the Game Engine, so no, you cannot do audio with more
>> than two channels in the sequencer at the moment and I fear you won't be
>> able to do so soon.
I starting thinking about what this might look like in 2.5.

You might have mono sounds placed in blender like you might place an Empty.

You might parent this sound empty to an object for example a car sound
parented to the car.

The active camera would be the mic focal point for recording.

Done really well we would have sound textures for objects. Thus a metal room
would sound different that on coated with egg cartons or sound tile.

Sounds would be animated just like objects are.  (we already have this

They would have start and stop volumes and times as well as perhaps triggers
for the BGE.

3d sound would include the effects of the shape and size or the room and the
objects in it.

Out put would be in at least 5.1 if not even 10.2 file formats
but stereo would be a good start!

There would be tools both in the VSE and the node editor for sound. Perhaps
there would be a complete separate view for sound node work.

What else might be needed? How else would it look? Would the recruiting of a
dev for this be supported?

Why do we need all this? Because it is well know that good sound will make
people think you have good video when you don't. It will make a good video
great! Nothing looses an audience more than poor sound.

Listen to this!! (with headphones only)

Douglas E Knapp

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