[Bf-committers] Arbitrary materials for mesh display in viewport (solid view)

Roger Wickes rogerwickes at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 2 03:56:05 CEST 2010

Animating and Shading are two different tasks, and as you point out, conflict in their needs in-tool.

As you indicate, I would +1 the Animators work in Solid display mode, 
with Texture Display enabled in Solid mode (View Properties). 
Load a test/generic image in the UV/Image Editor, even something that enhances or even
outright traces your edge loops. Might be ugly, but it allows you to see exactly what you are animating.

Use flash/blast-render to make your pre-vis playback videos using the opengl rendering.

This single texture can be packed and completely different from the true material and texture layers
used by the shader guy with all their pretty and detailed hi-res textures and nodes and such. 
The shader folk can play with all their Mat=Tex settings to get that just-right pre-pro look to 
feed into post. 

In this case, it is a good thing to have on-screen display of a mesh totally divorced from the 
rendered result.. Most times it is just confusing as heck to the newb :)

Regarding the wireframe comment, yes, it would be great if wireframe color picked up from the diffuse color
at least. 


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Hi guys,

Since some time to this part I have been struggling with mesh visibility
in viewport. Now that the use of Node Materials is widely spread, it is 
common situation that meshes are hard to see: for instance animating
Sintel, it depends on which node was left active in the library file, you
could see her face completely black, grey or orange.

Dark colours are hard to see when animating facial features or checking
deformations for instance and since usually the animator does not have
access to linked characters materials (eg: to set active a brighter
colour) it is a rather uncomfortable situation.

At the studio we think that it would be better (for instance) to let the
user assign an arbitrary solid colour for the mesh in solid view instead
of showing the particular active material node.

I thought about bringing this subject to discussion to see other people
thoughts about this.

Best regards


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