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Mickaël Guédon mickaelguedon at gmail.com
Tue Jun 1 08:14:55 CEST 2010

Hi people.

Did someone read this ? It's been posted yesterday, and it seams to me 
that's a great functionnality to be included in Blender.

The video demo is impressive, and I hope devs will see it that way too :).


Le 31/05/2010 13:17, Vincent Nivoliers a écrit :
> Hi all,
>     I'm contacting you to know whether you would be interested about a
> paper I just got accepted. You can find the paper and video at
> http://alice.loria.fr/~nivoliev/Seamless
>     Currently the code is part of a graphite plugin, you might know the
> software since you already worked with Bruno Lévy for LSCM, who is also
> among the authors of this paper. It is therefore not in a very proper
> state to be shared. Before cleaning up the code, we would like to know
> whether you might be interested in these results. We tried to think the
> paper as a useful contribution, however the effective users might have a
> different opinion.
>     At first we could try to build a clean graphite plugin for you to
> test the thing if you are interested. Tell me from the paper if you
> would like this. If you then feel it as worth the proper integration, we
> would be glad to help you, by trying to deliver a more standalone
> version of the code.
>     Basically, there are distinct parts in the project. The first one is
> not discussed in the paper and corresponds to grid preserving
> parameterizations. You might have read about it, it is mostly used for
> quad remeshing. The second part builds a texture atlas from such a
> parameterization, and the necessary stuff for seamless mapping. The last
> one is a texture fixing program correcting an input texture using the
> stuff from the previous step to map it seamlessly on the atlas built
> also in the previous step. The "integration" you see in the video is
> just a two small scripts for importing and exporting meshes from blender
> to graphite, so no real integration in fact.
>     I hope you'll find it interesting, and thanks for the wonderful
> software you develop. Most of the video was done using it (3D for the
> animations, and VSE for the final assembly).
> Regards,
> --
> Vincent Nivoliers
> http://alice.loria.fr/~nivoliev
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