[Bf-committers] Path to integrating bmesh in trunk

joe joeedh at gmail.com
Thu Jul 22 05:09:40 CEST 2010

BMesh is nearing full completeness and stability, and I believe it can
be merged into trunk within one (at most two)
months.  Since I've never had good success with posting testing builds
(as a way of getting serious user testing),
I'm going to get users to build/test it on IRC and hopefully have more
success at finding all the show-stopping

I'll try to post some developer docs in the wiki; there's a bunch of
comments in source/blender/bmesh/*.h and some
docs in bmesh/docs, but I need to consolidate and organize all the
information in a better way and fill in the gaps

Once I have it fully ready, the merge itself will have to be scheduled
so it doesn't interfere with a release (there are
always issues that only show up in trunk, when many more users start
using the code in real projects, so there
needs to be enough time to work those out before any release).  One
potential issue is mesh RNA; the current RNA
mesh API is going to change, and I'm going to write an RNA api
wrapping bmesh as well.  It should be
possible to write a wrapper .py module that emulates the current API,
to avoid having to totally rewrite the current
set of mesh scripts.

Anyway, feel free to look over the branch and ask questions, I'll try
to be in IRC as much as possible.  Questions will help me in making a
good set of dev documentation, that's clear about why things are the
way they are.


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