[Bf-committers] Color Balance & Color wheel issue

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FYI here is what I asked to Stu Maschwitz (colorista guy) on twitter :

"- @5tu <http://twitter.com/5tu> is there a reason why Lift in colorista is
crunching pretty fast w/ linear enable in AE ?
- @francoisgfx Yes, lift will crunch hard in linear. Colorista is designed
to work on gamma-encoded images."

As Sebastian König point out on twitter through this screenshot (
when gamma corrected the Color Balance behave correctly. Which make since
since Stu says L/G/G is design to work in non-linear space and that
Sebastian operation in CM mode bring the input back to non-linear.

The question is shouldn't we do gamma correction in CB node in case CM is
active ? I'm not sure what repercussion it could have on inputs and stuff.
The idea would be to reproduce the setup Sebastian did directly in the code
in case of CM otherwise leave it as it is.
Maybe that's what your modification does Campbell because I'm not sure
Sebastian where using the last build, but I still don't have the same value
in both case (CM & not CM).



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> Hey guys,
> I've been trying to play with Color Balance since the new changes, but I
> believe a few things are acting weird (or at least differently than Magic
> Bullet Looks (MBL), and as I read it is supposed to behave more likely.
> Also
> a few issues with the Color wheel.
> First of all the Color Wheel :
> - it is really jerky (not smooth)
> - the brightness sidebar is affected (doesn't do that in MBL)
> - brightness only go up to 2 (I believe MBL is 10)
> - cubic color selection is something good, but since the second
> modification
> to it, it does feel less natural
> - releasing the color wheel do not move the mouse to the new position,
> which
> make fine tuning from this release point very hard
> but I must say the finest selection with SHIFT is awesome :)
> for the Color Balance part, I don't quite understand what as been change? I
> did some test before with the exact same value on both side (AE MBL &
> Blender's Color Balance) and I had the exact same result. As far as I was
> setting both with the same Color space environment (linear or non-linear).
> I didn't push the test as far as before, but it doesn't feel the same, I
> can't quite understand what it is yet but it's feeling funny. Am I the only
> one having this sensation ?
> cheers
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