[Bf-committers] renderpipeline - coordinates

Aurel W. aurel.w at gmail.com
Tue Jul 20 01:27:07 CEST 2010


since no one could help me with this in the irc channel, i try to ask
on the ml.

In the renderer I am not quit sure, which coordinates are used for
actual stuff like shading. Just as an example lamp_get_visibility
takes a coordinate, to check, if from this point a lightsource is
visible. Those aren't global coordinates in world space, so I assume
that those are in camera space?

My issue, what I try to do is to map local coordinates from an object
to these coordinates (more precisely in vol_precache_part) to call
functions like point_inside_obi() and vol_get_scattering(), but this
is more a general question, and hasn't much to do with the volume
rendering. So i assumed, that I have to transform this coordinates by
the object matrix and the viewingmatrix, so I multiply by
obi->ob->obmat and R.viewmat. But this seems to be wrong.

So how do I transform from local space to this coordinates and also vise versa?

thx, aurel

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