[Bf-committers] Color Balance & Color wheel issue

François T. francoistarlier at gmail.com
Mon Jul 19 21:45:11 CEST 2010

Hey guys,

I've been trying to play with Color Balance since the new changes, but I
believe a few things are acting weird (or at least differently than Magic
Bullet Looks (MBL), and as I read it is supposed to behave more likely. Also
a few issues with the Color wheel.

First of all the Color Wheel :
- it is really jerky (not smooth)
- the brightness sidebar is affected (doesn't do that in MBL)
- brightness only go up to 2 (I believe MBL is 10)
- cubic color selection is something good, but since the second modification
to it, it does feel less natural
- releasing the color wheel do not move the mouse to the new position, which
make fine tuning from this release point very hard

but I must say the finest selection with SHIFT is awesome :)

for the Color Balance part, I don't quite understand what as been change? I
did some test before with the exact same value on both side (AE MBL &
Blender's Color Balance) and I had the exact same result. As far as I was
setting both with the same Color space environment (linear or non-linear).
I didn't push the test as far as before, but it doesn't feel the same, I
can't quite understand what it is yet but it's feeling funny. Am I the only
one having this sensation ?


François Tarlier

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