[Bf-committers] Blender 2.5x beta status

M. Kappes mk at astrokiste.de
Wed Jul 14 09:42:46 CEST 2010

hmmm. from a user's point of view I really don't see
any difference concerning zip vs. dmg. in both cases
I double click an icon and copy the contents to my
application folder. however, as far as I can see most
people working on mac only are quite used to deal
with dmg containers rather than with zip containers. 
thus, I'd suggest doing it the mac way. 


On 14.07.2010, at 08:09, Mats Holmberg <mats.holmberg at 2me.fi> wrote:

> I'm a mac user, but have never like the .dmg approach. It is probably done with good intentions in mind, but makes a really simple thing (copying a directory) unnecessarily complicated. I'd rather see the most simple solution, accompanied by just as simple an explanation =) I came from Linux to Mac, but the beautiful backgrounds, arrows and symbolic links to the Applications folder didn't help me a bit. Just couldn't understand the install process... why? Because all the fancyness lead me away from what it actually is, i.e. copying a directory.
> -mats
> On 14.7.2010, at 8.42, Benjamin Tolputt wrote:
>> Mats Holmberg wrote:
>>> Sadly many people still think of "installation" as being something mythical, even a bit frightening, no matter what the platform is. If we can counter that, great. +1 for an uncomplicated .zip approach!
>> And on some platforms for some applications it is (mythical and
>> frightening). However, Blender doesn't need to install DRM drivers, has
>> it's own copy of Python tucked neatly away inside, and is installed by a
>> simple drag & drop operation on the Mac (on the Windows as well, but
>> we're not talking about that here).
>> In fact, a good majority of the DMG installations I've had for Mac OSX
>> involve a window showing the application icon, the Applications
>> directory icon, and an arrow showing you to drag the former onto the
>> latter. It is simply the way things are done now on Mac OSX :)
>> And this from a guy who isn't terribly fond of Apple :)
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