[Bf-committers] regression test results

Tom M letterrip at gmail.com
Tue Jul 13 22:07:15 CEST 2010

Here are the results of the regression tests.  If you update the test
to work with 2.5x please commit it.

they can be found in

/lib/tests (or is it /lib/test )


       array3          - good
       bowl            - good
       controller2     - broken?
       CtrlObject      - good
       cubesphere      - not working?
       deformtest      - good
       dolphin - animation is broken
       driven_hand     - good
       driver-object-eyes - good
       dupliverts      - good
       hairguide       - doesn't seem to work?
       knight          - good
       luxo            - frame 30 to 31 glitch
       mancandy_actiondeform - doesn't work
       mancandy_matching - doesn't work
       motionblender - not certain directions aren't clear enough
       pathjumper      - good
       relative        - doesn't work
       stride_bone     - doesn't work?
       timeline        - good

       clothtest       - slight penetration, also a hang after awhile

       zmask_compo - good

       tapercurve      - good, ugly deformation when empty gets close to curve
though, probably not a but

       fluidsim        - seems to stop baking prematurely

       add_softbody    - good
       AnisoTest2              - good
       do_fh_bullet            - good
       gamesoftbody    - sinking through floor? also space not working
       impact          - good
       softbody_constraints - good, but camera is clipped in 2.5x
       suzanne_cloth   - major slow down in 2.5x that isn't in 2.49b
       torus_complex   - slow downs in 2.5x that are not in 2.49b
       webskategirl_bullet - body animation not working

               camera  - good
               contraint2      - good
               editObject_add - good
               editObject_end - good
               editObject_replaceMesh - seems to work?
               editObject_trackTo - good
               ipo             - Play, PingPong, Key2Key not working
               message - can't do message with right mouse click?
               motion_LinV     - seems to work
               motion  - seems to work
               property_string - not clear what to do or is supposed to happen
               property1       - not working
               property2       - not working
               scene_setCamera - not clear if working, also object
starts to tilt
               scene_setScene - not working
               sound           - might be working some 'hit sounds'
when it should be stopped?

               and             - can't control the guy good enough to test
               expression      - the description doesn't seem to match
               modulus_expression - good
               or              - not clear what is supposed to happen,
also movement seems wrong
                       python_LOD              - wrong object type
displayed?  Doesn't seem to be working right
                       python_mouse2ipo        - doesn't seem to be working
                       python_rec_play - not sure probably not working right
                       python_velocity - not clear, probably not working right

               bge_module_example      - good
               testAddDupliGroup               - good
               testAddObject           - good
               testCameraGroup         - not sure
               testCompound            - good
               testCullingPerformance  - good
               testDrawLine            - not working
               testGhostCollission             - not sure
               testIpoAdd                      - character isn't
aligned with car
               testModifier2                   - good
               testObjectSensor                - the impulse doesn't
seem strong enough
               always          - seems to work - man rotates though
               collision               - good
               keyboard                - good
               message         - good
               mouse_button    - play and ping pong not working
               mouse           - good
               near_property   - good
               property                - good
               radar1          - good
               radar2          - hmm not clear if it is working
               random          - good
               ray                     - not sure
               touch                   - not sure
               touch2          - not sure

       2Dexample                       - the trampoline doesn't work
       arch_pressure_simulation        - good
       constraintsTutorial             - good
       genericConstraintSpringLimitMotor       - not working
       vaults                          -  very slow FPS

       GLSL_samples_249        - not sure
       lampRGB                 - not working
       screenspace                     - not working

       ram_glsl        - good

       group-duplicate - good


       crystal_cube            - good
       nodelib         - good
       flippedmatrixes - good

       faceselectmode  - good

       mbar                    - good


       allselect               -  not sure

       outlinertest            - selection in NLA not being propagated
to oultiner

       grass_wind              - not working
       hairball                - good



       Armature_example2.py    - not working
       BGL_example.py          -
       Camera_example.py       -

       arealight                               - good
       compo_idmask_cubes              - good
       compo_map_uv_cubes              - good
       compo_map_uv                    - good
       compo_map_zcombine_cubes        - good
       composite_image                 - good
       composite_layers                        - not sure
       displace                                - good
       flattest                                        - good
       glass                                   - ping pong not working
       halostep                                - good
       icetest                                 - good
       irregular_shadow_strands                - failed
       irregular_shadow_transp         - good
       lostride                                - good
       mirror_texture                  - good
       monkey_cornelius_bake           - works but layout needs fixing
       monkey_cornelius_compo  - good
       monkey_cornelius_light-passes   - slower and noisier in 2.5x
       monkey_cornelius_passes - good
       monkey_cornelius_shadbuf        - good
       monkey_cornelius                        - good
       motor9                          - good
       only_shadow_lamp                        - good
       only_shadow_material            - good
       OpenExr20Demo                   - not working?
       radioroom                               - not working?
       Raptor_radio_ray_env            - not working
       refract_monkey                  - good
       robo_ao                         - render not the same
       sequence                                - not working?
       Sky-Atmosphere                  - good
       soft_halo                               - good
       sss                                     - layout needs to change
       teapot_envmap                   - good
       teapot_soft                             - good
       vectorblur                              - good
       windows_tra_shadow              - good



       sculpt                                  - good

       sequence_audio                  - good
       main                                    - good

       weight_paint_test                       - good

       softbody_basics                 - good
       softbody_curve_lattice          - good
       softbodytest                            - good
       softhairtest                            - doesn't work

       text-regression                 - good





---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Leif Andersen <leif at leifandersen.net>
Date: Sun, Jul 11, 2010 at 1:30 PM
Subject: The regression tests
To: letterrip at gmail.com

I managed to get through the regression tests (except for the ones in
246 and 248), anyway, here were my results, hopefully they'll be
helpful to you:
Using r30209
In test249/:
    allselect - No errors noticed, although the shortcuts in the text
are different
    crystal_cube - No errors, although it didn't start the animation
by defualt as done in 2.49 (also no lamp, thus no render)
    deformtest - No errors
    faceselectmode - No errors, although the default was verts, not faces
    flippedmatrixes - No errors
    fluidsim - No errors
    group-duplicate - No errors
    hairball - ERROR - Segfault on render (still and animation)
    icetest - No errors
    mandel-py - Python script doesn't work
    mball - No errors
    nodelib - No errors
    outlinertest - No errors
    radioroom - I couldn't find the radiotools and collect meshes tool in 2.5x.
    sculpt.blend - No errors, but had to go into sculpt mode manually
    sequence_audio - No sound in 2.5 and 2.4, probably a problem with my system
    tapecurve - No errors
    text-regression - No errors
    timeline - No errors
    weight-paint_test - No errors
In test249/render:  (Generated from my image diff python script, I can
run through these manually if requested, also the script assumes all
of the files in this folder are only renders of a single image)
    Raptor_radio_ray_env.blend... FAILED
    allselect.blend... OK
    arealight.blend... OK
    compo_idmask_cubes.blend... OK
    compo_map_uv.blend... OK
    compo_map_uv_cubes.blend... OK
    compo_map_zcombine_cubes.blend... OK
    composite_image.blend... OK
    composite_layers.blend... FAILED
    displace.blend... FAILED
    flaretest.blend... OK
    glass.blend... OK
    halostep.blend... OK
    lostride.blend... FAILED
    mirror_texture.blend... OK
    monkey_cornelius.blend... OK
    monkey_cornelius_bake.blend... OK
    monkey_cornelius_compo.blend... OK
    monkey_cornelius_light-passes.blend... FAILED
    monkey_cornelius_passes.blend... FAILED
    monkey_cornelius_shadbuf.blend... OK
    motor9.blend... OK
    only_shadow_lamp.blend... OK
    only_shadow_material.blend... OK
    refract_monkey.blend... OK
    robo_ao.blend... FAILED
    sequence.blend... OK
    sss.blend... OK
    teapot_envmap.blend... OK
    teapot_soft.blend... OK
    vectorblur.blend... OK
    windows_tra_shadow.blend... OK
In test249/animation:
    array3 - No errors
    bowl - No errors
    camera - No errors
    controller2 - errors, face is differnt, not sure why this goes in
animations as well
    CtrlObject - No errors
    cubesphere - No errors
    dolphin - ERRORS, dolphin doesn't swim in 2.5, just sits there
    driven_hand - No errors
    driver-object-eyes - no errors
    dupliverts - No errors
    hairguide - ERRORS, hair is different (although similar)
    knight - No errors
    luxo- No errors
    mancandy_actiondeform - ERRORS, mancandy only walked a small distance
    mancandy_matching - ERRORS, mancandy only walked a small distance
    motionblender - ERRORS, guy floated rather than walked
    pathJumper - No errors
    relative - ERRORS, nothing happened in 2.5
    softbody_basics - No visable bake button, but otherwise, no errors
    stride_bone - ERRORS, he didn't raise his arms up, otherwise good.
~Leif Andersen

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