[Bf-committers] Added patch 22805: Show poselib content in outliner

Torsten Rupp torsten.rupp at gmx.net
Sat Jul 10 11:29:49 CEST 2010

Dear developers,

I added patch 22805 in the patch tracker. The patch change the 

Show poselib content in outliner

The attached patch add functions to poselib.c and outliner.c to show 
the content of the poselib (list of created poses) in the outliner 
under the entry "PoseLib", e. g. this looks like this:

- Armature
  + PoseLib

and when opened:

- Armature
  - PoseLib
    * pose 1
    * pose 2
    * pose 3

With this list it is much easier to see which poses exists without e. 
g. scrolling through the list with CTRL-L in pose mode. Also renaming 
and deleting poses can be done directly as for other entries in the 
outliner, too.

If you find this patch useful and it is accepted I like to add 
an "apply"-function to apply the selected pose to the armature in an 
additional future patch. Note: An event (in this patch still 
commented out) for this is already prepared.

Note: I'm new to the blender development (but have some experience in 
software development in C), thus the patch may still not be in a shape 
you may like to see. If there is something I should change, please 
let me know this.	


300-1525 Toride, Japan
Sakuragaoka 4-27-3
Torsten Rupp

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