[Bf-committers] Proposal to Remove Features

Mats Holmberg mats.holmberg at 2me.fi
Fri Jul 9 17:10:14 CEST 2010

I guess the problem with fields nowadays is that they aren't really needed. I use Blender for creating TV-commercials, all in standard resolution PAL format, but have never used fields for anything. The biggest reason for this is that fields are quite useless when compositing, and compositing is involved in my every single project. The end result is always interlaced, but that doesn't mean field rendering has to be used. Progressive source material works better just about always in my experience.


On 9.7.2010, at 17.46, Carsten Wartmann wrote:

> Am 08.07.2010 19:30, schrieb Brecht Van Lommel:
>> Hi,
>> Here's a proposal to remove a number of features before 2.6. I've been
> I used rendering in fields lately and can't belive that all artists will 
> have no old TV, DV Cams and recorders, rendering for video DVD or for 
> PAL/NTSC Broadcast at the time. Maybe it can removed in 10 years
> Also in HD we have interlaced formats.
> Carsten
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