[Bf-committers] Proposal to Remove Features

GSR gsr.b3d at infernal-iceberg.com
Fri Jul 9 01:48:58 CEST 2010

brecht at blender.org (2010-07-08 at 1930.21 +0200):
> Hi,
> Here's a proposal to remove a number of features before 2.6. I've been
> gathering items on this list for the last few months as I came across
> them. If there is enough agreement I can make the changes quickly. If
> you agree or disagree with items on the list, please read the
> explanation at the top and comment on the wiki page.
> http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:2.5/RemoveFeaturesProposal

>From plain list:

- if removing old plugins means getting a new system that works soon,
  OK. Nodes is half there, but some of the included ones are lacking,
  and proper plugability is missing. I guess that having both methods
  means none gets finished (I had the issues with bricks node
  recently, 2.5D and only grounds!?).

- edge render... merge the freestyle project?

>From controversial list:

- how would one make something disappear for typical cases of item
  swapping (pick thing, make thing explode, etc)? Layers work both for
  rendering and 3D view.

- what replaces dupliframes as modelling tool? When I tried with
  modifiers, no idea if the tutorials were too simple or the mod was
  not to the same level of completeness, so I went back to known

- env map texture is a quick way to have some effects (not everything
  is about mirrors, so not everything needs raytracing) or even create
  env maps for other applications.

- shadow render pass should stay, it helps with postpro tweaks.

On the rest, no many comments. There are things that just had to be
done long ago, like relative paths, and others make no sense at all
now, like keeping pinning when there is nothing to pin. There will
probably people that use the rest constantly, so they are better
for talking about them.


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