[Bf-committers] meeting minutes - July 4, 2010

Tom M letterrip at gmail.com
Thu Jul 8 21:34:23 CEST 2010

= GSoC =

Multires branch

Icons for sculpt branch
Tom will seek feedback from jendzrych our icon guru

Leif Andersen

Mike Erwin


Nicholas Bishop

Here's the video:

Rohith B.V.

Konrad Wilhem Kleine

Jason Wilkins

Mitchell Stokes

= 2.5x =

Most important is work on SCons/CMake, the actual installer can come
later I guess though it would be 'nice to have' still, we need
installers fro win32 and win64
Ton proposed we skip installer for beta, since we are testing blender,
not the installer.  If the installer itself will take more than a few
days, and more likely a few weeks, we can better not make it a beta
Andrea will commit patch, test zip release, do SCons files if
jesterKing has no time

ton will add a 2.5 beta splash with Sintel shot, and check on release notes

Tom has sent a patch for review for the sculpt tools, it includes the
vast majority of UI changes that brecht requested

july was matt's last month as paid blender-dev, but because of other
assignments he wanted to quit already now

bdiego survived his first month closing plenty of bugs


in 2 weeks we have a party to say goodbye to team, colin + soenke stay
here to do final tweaks in renders and prepare things for dvd. half
august pablo will come back to take colins place for dvd work
in the mean time things should be rendered and then ready for 35mm
film transfer sept 1, 3 weeks later, then premieres and hopefully we
have a dvd master by then with week after premiere we put movie
online.  There are 4 dvds with loads of extras for the Sintel DVD.

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