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I had a couple of people from the mpeg group approach me to work on
a pretty interesting project.  My work and personal projects seem to
be taking up all of my time, so I thought I'd share the basics and see
if there is anyone else that is interested in doing it.

Basically what they are wanting to do is create a new highly optimized
file format that they can stream 3d with.  

They want to use mpeg Scene description, (BiFs and or LASeR)
Progressive TFAN (compression of meshes)
and Bone Based Animation compression
and wrapping these three inside of the MPEG 4 File Format.

If your interested, let me know and I'll give you the details.


mein at cs.umn.edu


I'd like to hear more about this coz it sounds very interesting indeed

Steve Obbayi

SKYPE: sobbayi

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