[Bf-committers] Blender 2.5 Python API Introduction.

Elia Sarti vekoon at gmail.com
Sat Jan 23 20:14:57 CET 2010

Hi, now that introductory tutorials and howto's-like documentation is 
starting to be written down I'd suggest we bring up again the topic of 
naming. I understand this could be seen as topic hijacking, but well...I 
have a bomb!

Although pretty much settled all over the API there are still some 
places which are inconsistent in regards to naming. Maybe you remember 
we already talked about this in IRC.

The main issue is all that BLABLA_BLA_somestuff naming style that 
although perfectly reasonable C side where you don't have namespaces or 
packages or anything like that, doesn't really fit in Py code, 
especially considering that some parts, like for instance operators, are 
already converted to the dot naming syntax.

The very easy solution for this, considering that all these names are 
actually stored as C strings so can be anything really, is that we adopt 
dot-syntax for all of these in all places and keep the 
BLABLA_BLA_somestuff syntax only for C code names. This would keep the 
code from having to convert back and forth between Py naming and C 
naming and would also be easy to implement and could be done quickly for 
ops, panels, headers, etc.

Of course I don't mean this as an unilateral absolute truth so any valid 
counter-argument is well accepted.

Campbell Barton wrote, on 01/23/2010 06:52 PM:
> Last meeting I agreed to work on some python introduction page since
> the API reference. here is a first pass.
> Id appreciate if people want to read through and make edits or suggest
> areas to improve.
> http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/BlenderDev/Blender2.5/PyAPI_Intro
> I made this page as a wiki so others could edit however Id like to
> include it here eventually.
> http://www.blender.org/documentation/250PythonDoc
> The section on integration and types could become a lot bigger however
> it might also mean adding details on subclassing which wasn't my
> intention for this doc.

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