[Bf-committers] Solution for the Linux audio problems with OpenAL

neXyon nexyon at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 21:03:47 CET 2010


After a lot of investigation I now finally have a solution. This weekend 
I came up with a workaround trying to use ALSA definitely with OpenAL 
before using the default backend. Unfortunately that works for some and 
bugs for others, same is true if I'd try Pulse backend first.

The reason behind this is, that there are actually two bugs.

1. There has been a bug in OpenAL soft with the Pulse backend.
2. A bug in the pulse alsa plugin. The thing that routes applications 
playing to ALSA to pulse. (Just to let pulse then later play through 
ALSA again ... I know... it's stupid)

Well, today OpenAL 1.11 has been released and that one solves bug number 
1, as well as bug number 2, as it now uses pulse by default if it runs 
(bug number 2 would now only happen if the users having pulse would 
configure OpenAL to definitely use ALSA...).

So the solution is to link the official blender version to OpenAL soft 
1.11, either statically or if possible dynamically, supplying the lib 
and a script that makes sure blender uses the lib. That has to be done 
by the linux plattform maintainers/official builders.

I removed the workaround and will now close all bugs in the tracker 
related to this, though people having pulse will continue to have 
problems with pre 1.11 OpenAL.



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