[Bf-committers] Sequencer filter stack patch

Xavier Thomas xavier.thomas.1980 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 19:25:51 CET 2010


Recently I have been working on a patch to replace to sequencer filters
(premul, makefloat, deinterlace, color ballance, ...). The idea is to have a
stack like the modifier stack and ideally to use it for all kind of
"filters" like "sound filters" "time filters" "image filters" "transform

For now I have just 2 types of filters:
- filters that changes the ImBuf direclty : color balance, makefloat,
premul, flip
- filters that change the Iamge trough affine marix : transform (with
translate rotation around a center point and scalling), flip should be
changed to use this

Before asking for a review, I would like to get help with some problems I
- Not animatable : don't know how to get the sequence in the RNA get path
- Does not update view, I added an update funct to the rna properties but
preview does not redraw
- Crash when loading saved files

I would also apreciate any feedback on the implementation by some
experienced blender developper. I did not removed the old code in my patch
yet (just idef some parts) for now but if somebody wants to look at it I
posted it in the patch tracker:

I will repost a cleaner patch as soon as I get the above problems sorted and
cleaned the old code.

I also got Lift Gamma Gain color balance working the way I wanted to (not
the old filter the stack filter only):
- you can invert any of the RGB component individually
- choosing a color in the color disk will always colorise (shadows,
midtones, highlights) in this color
- a value slider
I did this trough RNA get/set functions but I have got problems with extreme

screenshot: http://www.pasteall.org/pic/834


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