[Bf-committers] New Developer Meeting minutes

Mats Holmberg mats.holmberg at 2me.fi
Tue Jan 12 07:51:59 CET 2010

On 12.1.2010, at 8.39, Nathan Letwory wrote:

> 2010/1/12 Erwin Coumans <erwin.coumans at gmail.com>:
>> I'm surprised of so much resistance among the Blender developers
>> to such a nice build system as cmake.
>> Thanks,
>> Erwin
> We can also reverse the question - we have a very nice and working
> SCons system. Why would you want to get rid of the nice system I
> created?
> "I'm surprised at the resistance among certain people to such a nice
> build system as SCons"

Just to comment on this: I know nothing about the hassle that is required for maintaining any of these systems, but from a Blender user standpoint scons is very easy to use. As Nathan said, I do "svn up && python scons/scons.py" and that's all that's ever needed. During the years, I haven't seen anything being even close to that kind of ease of use.

Dont' take that away, please!


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