[Bf-committers] BGE API DOC - volunteers needed to document VideoTexture and Physics Constraints modules

mindrones mindrones at yahoo.it
Sun Jan 10 23:26:53 CET 2010


--- On Sun, 1/10/10, Carsten Wartmann wrote:

> > - Blender Gamekit 2nd edition: pages 281 to 292 (Ton,
> Carsteen: could
> > we have those pages shared as a pdf?)
> http://download.blender.org/documentation/gamekit2/GK2_Source.zip
> BTW: With txt2tags (http://txt2tags.sourceforge.net/) you can also 
> generate some WIKI formats, maybe this is als helpfull (for
> having it in 
> the Wiki)?

some times ago Ton pointed me to the link above in order to let me wikify Gamekit2
since if I'm correct it's CC, but also asked to be "discreet" in order to help the
book to sell a bit :), so I preferred waiting a bit, but here it is:


If this is ok, I can complete it and put it under


Carsten ok for you?





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