[Bf-committers] BGE API DOC - volunteers needed to document VideoTexture and Physics Constraints modules

Dalai Felinto dfelinto at gmail.com
Sun Jan 10 20:55:52 CET 2010

Hello everybody.

Blender Game Engine still lacks important documentation. Two modules
are completely undocumented in the API - VideoTexture and
PhysicsConstraints. I would like to see if anyone would like to
volunteer to help documenting them. I started the work, listing all
the functions and putting them in the correct file. The next step is
to go through the methods listed in the file and to write their
description, parameters and return types.

Physics Constraints:
Documentation available at:
- Blender Gamekit 2nd edition: pages 281 to 292 (Ton, Carsteen: could
we have those pages shared as a pdf?)
File: //source/gameengine/PyDoc/PhysicsConstraints.py

Documentation available at:
File: //source/gameengine/PyDoc/VideoTexture.py

Example of documented module (Rasterizer):
File: //source/gameengine/PyDoc/Rasterizer.py

Please do not exitate in ask any further questions on that. I hope
someone takes this as a New Year's resolution.


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