[Bf-committers] Build Systems

Andrea Weikert andrea at aweikert.de
Fri Jan 8 08:05:01 CET 2010

Hi Erwin,

Erwin Coumans schrieb:
> By the way, if OpenCollada breaks the cmake build system, it should be
> disabled I think.
> Hopefully that motivates someone who needs OpenCollada to fix it.
> Can someone disable OpenCollada by default it in cmake?
> Thanks,
> Erwin
It's not OpenCollada itself, rather the fact that the release libraries 
are linked and not the debug libraries.
Also, it is disabled by default, but for me a working build system on 
Windows should be able to enable all features if required.

Also I think things should be kept in a working state, since it's not 
always possible/convenient to fix things the moment you discover you 
need OpenCollada. It leads to features not tested/used until shortly 
before a release maybe, when it creates additional unplanned work.
Another thing is that the person needing OpenCollada for example, might 
not be the one who is able to fix (Might just be advanced user compiling 
his own builds) and so far it has been difficult to find help with the 
CMake build system for the Windows platform.

- Andrea

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