[Bf-committers] Mirror and array modifiers for curves

Sergey I. Sharybin g.ulairi at gmail.com
Sun Feb 14 15:45:31 CET 2010

Hi Blender community!

I think it'll be useful if we could add mirror and array modifiers to 

I tried to add this modifiers myself but there are some things which 
stopped me:

    1. Constructive modifiers works with DerivedMesh object, where
    original mesh is initially stored and where new vertices/edges/faces
    could be added without affecting original mesh
    3. There is nothing like DerivedCurve for curves, so I've got no
    idea where I could store result of mirror modifier

I tried approach with creating derived mesh before calling mirror 
modifier. It works, but maybe this approach is wrong.

My questions are:

    1. Does somebody except me interested in having this modifiers for
    curves (just maybe i'm making unnecessary work)?
    2. Is it good/correct when we're creating derived mesh for curves
    before calling constructive modifier's handler?
    3. If approach with derived mesh is bad, i think there should be
    some field in Object/Curve structure, when we could store result of
    constructive modifiers. In this case we can't use existing modifiers
    (which works with derived mesh) and should write new which will work
    with newly added object/curve field.
    4. Maybe somebody has got more ideas?

With best regards, Sergey I. Sharybin

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