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Bassam kurdali bkurdali at freefactory.org
Sat Feb 13 16:38:50 CET 2010

Word of caution: the "shift-key brings a popup and changes the default behavior , key just does the default" idea proposed by matt d. Is only good where only one behavior is used frequently, otherwise you're going to be using the toggle all the time. In the specific case of extrude I think Martin is on the right track- some tweaks, but same general idea.
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> Playing with it, I find I actually prefer the current popup's way of not
> snapping to the normal immediately when extruding edges and vertices.  I was in
> love with the feature yesterday, because it works very well, but since much of
> my modelling deals with retopology that's something that'd just get in the way.
> So I'd prefer to not hit the C key after extruding, so that things with the new
> snapping lie on the surface immediately.
> I think that there's still something to be worked out with regards to
> customizing workflow and making tools work the way we want, without code. ~ C
> On 2010-02-13, at 7:34 AM, Matt. D. wrote:
> > Althought i welcome the changes made by Martin because every change in 
> > this area is welcome, showing you care about usability, but i think those 
> > nagging pop-ups should be handled in a different way.
> > Trying to be smart about what to do based on the users selection and mode 
> > the user is working in will just not work for different workflows.
> > While modeling there is very little chance that you want to 
> > extrude/delete/merge in an other way then the last time you did. For 
> > example, if i model a head. I am virtually always extruding in vertex 
> > select mode, i am virtually always deleting verts only when i delete 
> > something, and i virtually always merge at center because i do organic 
> > modeling at that time. This is the 'workflow' i am in. But if i where to 
> > model a building e.g. doing architectural modeling i may need the merge 
> > tool to do a merge at first/last to keep my walls symmetric, unless i am 
> > Guggenheim or some other artsy-fartsy architect :). You CAN NOT be smart 
> > about what i want to model! What my workflow is! Therefore i propose that 
> > those pop-ups be just the selectors of the mode i want the tool to operate 
> > in and the tool will always do the same action until i change to a 
> > different task in my workflow. Imagine a carpenter is done cutting his 
> > wood and now does some miter work using the same tool but in a different 
> > way. He would never change the setup of his saw between cuting/mitering 
> > for each peace he produces. Those tool mode changing pop-ups should be 
> > invoked with a modifier-key (Shift-E, Shift-M, Shift-Backspace, ...).
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