[Bf-committers] Is collada work in progress?

Dave Plater dplater at webafrica.org.za
Sat Feb 13 08:25:33 CET 2010

On 02/12/2010 12:07 PM, Dave Plater wrote:
> On 02/11/2010 10:42 PM, Reuben Martin wrote:
>> For Blender, I have the following set:
>> BF_COLLADA = '#source/blender/collada'
>> BF_COLLADA_LIB = 'bf_collada'
>> BF_OPENCOLLADA = '/usr'
>> BF_OPENCOLLADA_LIB = 'OpenCOLLADAStreamWriter OpenCOLLADASaxFrameworkLoader OpenCOLLADAFramework OpenCOLLADABaseUtils GeneratedSaxParser UTF MathMLSolver pcre buffer ftoa'
>> BF_OPENCOLLADA_INC = '${BF_OPENCOLLADA}/include ${BF_OPENCOLLADA}/include/collada'
>> BF_PCRE = ''
>> BF_PCRE_LIB = 'pcre'
>> BF_PCRE_LIBPATH = '/usr/lib'
>> BF_EXPAT = '/usr'
>> BF_EXPAT_LIB = 'expat'
>> BF_EXPAT_LIBPATH = '/usr/lib'
>> Be aware that I installed the openCollada library files into the system's /usr/lib (since I'm building everything using shared libs)
>> I also created a /usr/include/collada directory where I dumped the file structure with nothing but the include files. So for instance if looking for the include files for the COLLADABaseUtils they would be found in /usr/include/collada/COLLADABaseUtils/include/
>> -Reuben
> Thanks for the info, I've got openCOLLADA to build shared libs and
> libxml2 so far by adding " -I/usr/include/libxml2 -L/usr/lib64 -lpcre"
> to SConstruct CPPFAGS. Note the name libxml2, I also had to add a 2 to
> the libxml in "env['xmlParserConfName'] = 'libxml'". Also note
> "-L/usr/lib64" which fixes the libpath on my x86_64 system, I'll have to
> patch in a macro or something to build both i586 and x86_64 in the build
> service. What I did with libxml should work with expat as well although
> the expat packages are split in three with expat, libxpat1 and
> expat-devel. I'm still working on the blender collada paths, I'll report
> back when I get those right, ATM I'm still getting not found errors for
> the collada libs.
> Regards
> Dave P
At last I've managed to build blender-2.50 svn 26765 from
bf-blender/trunk with collada. The extra build flags I used were :-
    WITH_BF_COLLADA=true \
I built collada with shared libs using " scons SHAREDLIB=yes
PCRENATIVE=yes XMLPARSER=expatnative" and placed them in
openCOLLADA/lib, the %{_libdir} macro expands to either /usr/lib or
/usr/lib64 depending on architecture. I've altered openCOLLADA's
SConstruct and a couple of SConscripts, I'll post a patch after I've
gone over my changes but I think it's only the build flags that need
modifying. Although openCOLLADA builds with libxmlnative the resulting
libs have a problem. To put the collada libs in one place I use the
script from unibuild.sh :-
find GeneratedSaxParser COLLADA* Externals common -name *.so* -exec cp
{} $PWD/lib/ \; &&
echo installed shared libraries to ${PWD}/lib/
Now I need to make libcollada0 and libcollada-devel rpms with the
blender package.
Thanks for the help.
Dave P

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