[Bf-committers] faster usage of panels via pie menu

Charles Wardlaw cwardlaw at marchentertainment.com
Wed Feb 10 05:01:06 CET 2010

I don't mind scrolling at all.  What gets me is that I have to shift-space out of my beautiful full-screen modelling window to toggle wireframes on separate objects, or to toggle X-Ray, or a host of other things.  I think it'd be lovely to have those configurable pie menus so I can set up the workflow for full-screen modeling and not have to drop into the Properties window until I'm through with modelling.  Ctrl+1 -> Mouse to the top -> done.

Not that your collapse-all panel key wouldn't be welcome.  I can see myself using that too, come surfacing time.
~ C

On 2010-02-09, at 10:36 PM, Roger Wickes wrote:

> interesting. what takes my time (and vertical space) is scrolling thru expanded panels, and i find myself constantly collapsing them. If I were allowed to request a feature, it would be a hotkey to collapse all panels within a context. Invoked as a hotkey, the Home key perhaps, since home in the image editor and sequencer scale the contents to fit within the viewable area. As an icon, perhaps the same little circled + thing used in the outliner window to expand/collapse, placed next to the pushpin on the context header, to expand/collapse all. To me, finding the panel/option you want is all variations on a collapsable menu strategy, like the outliner or menu/submenu lookups.

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