[Bf-committers] Bug or feature

Roger Wickes rogerwickes at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 8 17:16:46 CET 2010

Regarding image preview mode in the Sequencer window, home key works, but mmw roll and click-drag (pan) and keypad +/- don't seem to zoom. should they?

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From: Joilnen Batista Leite <vma_bad_list at yahoo.com>
To: bf-committers at blender.org
Sent: Mon, February 8, 2010 6:08:27 AM
Subject: [Bf-committers] Bug or feature

Numpad moving not works if you keep keys pushed, is that a feature ?
If yes, +/- should'n to work in same way ?
If no, please someone fix that !


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