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Jacob F. queatz at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 01:20:12 CET 2010


I'd be more than willing to teach anyone Blender as it has literally taught
me.  Currently I'm working on two films done in it but they won't be
completed for a while as I am after all limited by time.  If anyone wants
'certification' all I can suggest at the moment is a week trial or to give
me a small project.

Once complete, any works I finish will probably be put on queatz.com


On Sun, Feb 7, 2010 at 6:58 AM, Ton Roosendaal <ton at blender.org> wrote:

> Hi devs,
> See below anonymized snippets from mails and conversations I've had in
> only the past few days. For one, this is a reason why I'm not coding
> or bugfixing. :) I'm emailing and communicating sometimes full working
> days now.
> But there's an important striking issue here... apparently we have to
> move up to the next level, the typical open source business of
> Support, Consultancy and Integration Services. The time is really ripe
> now. But I maybe people wait for me to make a first step? :) I'm
> thinking it over, but for as long 2.5 or durian are in progress, I
> cannot do much. If you're for hire, or into consultancy or servicing
> or training, make sure you're heard so I can find you!
> ---------
> I have a new project recently short-listed by the xxx Fund. Reading
> through your open projects is very inspiring and I wish to do
> something similar to help promote Blender and the film.
> ---------
> My co-founder and I are working toward a commercial studio that will
> use only open source software in the making of feature length movies.
> ---------
> Currently we are using Blender to develop a TV series for xxx. We
> would like to know how could we collaborate with Blender institute in
> certifying our trainer and would like to request a technical support
> from the institute..
> ---------
> My studio currently employs 15 artists using Blender. We are seeking
> for someone to train Blender developers.
> ---------
> I am looking for some people from Blender that would help with a
> movie, do you know who can help me? It's for a movie called xxx, xxx
> is going to be directing it.
> ---------
> Sorry for late response to your email, but it took me time trying to
> initially understand the source code of the Blender and making
> decision how it would be possible to integrate our compression
> technology with Blender.
> ---------
> -Ton-
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