[Bf-committers] alternate naming for search

Roland Hess rolandh at reed-witting.com
Tue Feb 2 16:36:15 CET 2010

> I have a second suggestion for searches.  It might be nice to be able to search for operators pertaining to certain contexts.  For example, a user might not know the name of what they want, but they would know they want an operator that works on Edges,
> in Edit Mode, in the 3D View.  Something that can filter out operators in that way, and show the tooltips for the result, would be great.
That's actually what the menus do. They are a built-in context sensitive 
filter-by-function-and-group browser of operators.

I think the nice look-ahead operator finder is very good functionality, 
and I'd hate to see it polluted with tag results as well. If people want 
(or think would be useful) some kind of alternate name-space or 
tag-based searching, it's a separate problem really. Spacebar tool right 
now is very efficient and perfect for current/experienced users. A 
separate tool should be used if you want to really search on tags. I 
recently designed and coded a library search tool for a major 
international manufacturing and research company and after much work we 
decided that our TAG searching tool should be separate from our CONTENT 
searching tool. Though the interface is nearly identical, they return 
drastically different, non-compatible results. In actual effect, it's 
just a toggle that the user sets at search time so to them it all feels 
the same. But the systems don't cross-polinate in the actual search 
methods or result display, because each of their result sets would dirty 
and make less useful the result set of the other method.

Mixing tag-based results with regular op look-ahead results would be 
bad. If you like, call the Spacebar thing the "Command Filter," and have 
a separately accessible "Find/Search" function.

Roland Hess

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