[Bf-committers] alternate naming for search

Charles Wardlaw cwardlaw at marchentertainment.com
Tue Feb 2 16:17:20 CET 2010

> Actually, this sounds like more of a job for the wiki!
> The wiki already has tagging abilities.  Maybe the user could search for a Maya
> command, and the wiki would return its Blender equivalent.  

+1 on that.  Great idea.  The wiki could also have notes for how to get around tools that are "missing."  Most of the Maya folks here really want a Split Polygon tool (which will be easier once the bmesh integration is final), and more than a few at work have asked how to do a few Maya-specific workflow ideas in the UV editor.  (If I can figure that out on my own, I might submit an operator.)

I have a second suggestion for searches.  It might be nice to be able to search for operators pertaining to certain contexts.  For example, a user might not know the name of what they want, but they would know they want an operator that works on Edges, in Edit Mode, in the 3D View.  Something that can filter out operators in that way, and show the tooltips for the result, would be great.

It seems that currently some of this filtering is already done, but you have to be in the proper context to see what's going on?  Maybe the search field that's in the title bar can search across all contexts / operators regardless of mode, and gray out the ones that aren't applicable with some sort of note.  That way there's no duplicate functionality between that field and the spacebar search.  Searching for a specific mode could be done with colons, like in gmail.  "mode:edit" "affects:edges" or something.

~ C

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