[Bf-committers] Two PY Operators proposal

Mickaël Guédon mickaelguedon at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 11:55:21 CET 2010

Hi coders.

Well I've done two custom Python operators.

One is made to Freeze / UnFreeze. It enables all transform locks (loc / 
rot / scale) in one time, and you don't need to tick them one by one, as 
they are at least nine.

The other is Force Group Selection. It's made to be binded to Select 
Click in shortcuts editing, and when you select something, it checks 
whether it's part of a group or not, and automatically selects the group 
if it's in this case. So when you do something (move / rotate / scale / 
etc...), the group is affected too. This way the groups are "physical" 
and not just "logical".

I'm a newbie Python coder about operators, so it's not perfect, and was 
not meant to be.

I've two questions about this.
First, do you think these could be integrated in C code in Blender, and 
add a new button in transform locks and group management to do so.
Second, if you think the Python is sufficient and the operators are 
handy, I would be glad to give you them so you can bundle them as 
standard operators.

Here are the links :

Hope you will find them usefull :).

Mickaël Guédon | ebrain
Créatif 3D freelance : www.mickaelguedon.com
Le Blender Clan communauté francophone sur Blender : www.blenderclan.org

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