[Bf-committers] Windows Explorer thumbnails for 2.5

Satoshi Yamasaki yamyam at yo.rim.or.jp
Thu Dec 23 01:27:23 CET 2010

It works well at Vista 32bit too.
Thank you for sharing!

(2010/12/22 5:53), Tom Edwards wrote:
> Hello everyone, here's a small project I just completed:
> http://steamreview.org/external/blender/BlendThumb.zip
> It's a thumbnail handler for Windows 7 and Vista that extracts the
> .blend thumbnails generated by Blender 2.5 for display in Explorer. It's
> feature complete (including compressed blend support), but there are two
> niggles left before it's final:
> - I haven't actually tested it on Vista. Feedback appreciated!
> - I'm unclear on licensing. I'd like it to be GPL but there are two
> problems: firstly I'm using the Windows API, and secondly the code is
> based on a sample thumb handler provided in the Windows SDK. I've
> replaced all of the meat, but a lot of the supporting COM guff is the
> same as in the sample because it's so simple that I can't see any other
> way of doing what it does. Does anyone have experience of what happens
> in situations like this?
> Thanks!
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