[Bf-committers] Scrolling through the header

Jonathan Smith j.jaydez at gmail.com
Wed Dec 22 14:44:25 CET 2010

I was recently scrolling through the header of the 3d view, when my cursor
suddenly disappeared. I was slightly disappointed, but also exited that I
had found a bug when all of a sudden my I found my cursor on the complete
other side of the screen.

Now I notice that when I am scrolling around the 3d view (not the header
just the plain 3d view) The continuous scrolling feature (Which is a great
Idea by the way) causes the mouse to reappear at the other edge of the 3d
view (so if I scrolled off the top of the 3d view, the mouse reappears right
above the bottom header), but the mouse never enters any other area (for
example the header, or the toolbar). Unfortunately this is not the case with
other areas of blender. When scrolling through the header of any view there
is the possibility that the mouse will disappear and come out the complete
other end.

I think it would be great if we could impose the same boundaries as are
imposed in the 3d view while scrolling (and also most other views) onto
headers and toolbars, so that the cursor will stay within the confines of
the area (of the header, toolbar, etc.) while still
allowing continuous scrolling.

Just wondering what other people thought about this.

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