[Bf-committers] Windows Explorer thumbnails for 2.5

Tom Edwards contact at steamreview.org
Tue Dec 21 21:53:55 CET 2010

Hello everyone, here's a small project I just completed: 

It's a thumbnail handler for Windows 7 and Vista that extracts the 
.blend thumbnails generated by Blender 2.5 for display in Explorer. It's 
feature complete (including compressed blend support), but there are two 
niggles left before it's final:

- I haven't actually tested it on Vista. Feedback appreciated!

- I'm unclear on licensing. I'd like it to be GPL but there are two 
problems: firstly I'm using the Windows API, and secondly the code is 
based on a sample thumb handler provided in the Windows SDK. I've 
replaced all of the meat, but a lot of the supporting COM guff is the 
same as in the sample because it's so simple that I can't see any other 
way of doing what it does. Does anyone have experience of what happens 
in situations like this?


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