[Bf-committers] A proposal for further 2.5x UI evolution

Vilem Novak pildanovak at post.cz
Thu Dec 16 20:31:30 CET 2010

 I put together a proposal for some further possible changes in the 2.5x UI.
I think it doesn't go against blender UI paradigms, and hope it's quite the opposite.
I tried to put things short, so it's not long, but I spent quite some time with it, 
after doing several projects with the 2.5 breed of blender and thinking what could be optimal solution for some aspects of the UI.
You can find the proposal on this page in a .pdf on the wiki, I hope some comments will appear there:

I hope that especially people who have designed and coded the 2.5 UI will look into it.
Thanks for attention 
Vilda Novak

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