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GSR gsr.b3d at infernal-iceberg.com
Sun Dec 12 21:05:53 CET 2010

ideasman42 at gmail.com (2010-12-10 at 1205.52 +0000):
> > I'm mostly concerned that the usablity of Blender downgraded just for
> > the sake of an enforced consistancy. The clunkiness of the handle menu
> > should have not been accepted in the first place.
> Menu's are not that clunky.
> Compare changing curve handle types with say - Switching between
> Vertex/Edge/Face mode when mesh editing.
> Other modelers may comment on this, but by the time I become
> proficient at using blender I had Ctrl+Tab+1/2/3 in muscle memory and
> used all the time.

So you just use the keyboard, not the mouse? Yeah, I can see why you
have no problems with that one... menus became visual output for you,
and the input goes via keys. Other users never learn about that and
just say popups get on the way with not speed wins (so they "prefer"
the even slower method of moving the mouse away from the real
workzone, and back). Of course, 1(-2) key(s) is always faster than 3,
no discussion possible there.

And with this you just reminded me two problems:

1. Non obvious number association. Someone talked about displaying
them for all menus where it applies, so people first get a clue about
the existence of the feature, and second can learn the numbers by
seeing instead of by slowly counting. It would even make less painful
the relearning every time the items get shuffled (the old snap menu

2. Menus do not allow modifiers for toggle or multiselect. For edit
multimode people instead has to use the mouse to aim and hit some
buttons (small targets in the edge of the work area... here "clunky"
adjetive fits). "Move to layer" is fixed already, for example, you get
all the 20 entries under your cursor, fast, with number keys and
modifiers working.


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