[Bf-committers] python api - bpy.utils change to return custom scripts first

Micael kam1kaz3 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 9 19:08:45 CET 2010

Hi everyone.

This is the first time I participate directly in an opensource project, as
such I would like to hear feedback if I am doing something wrong and I will
try my best to do everything right.

I changed bpy.utils.script_paths() and bpy.utils.preset_paths() to return
custom/user scripts before system scripts and automatically create a
~/.blender/2.55/scripts/presets folder if it doesn't yet exist.
I am not sure if this is right to do without the user's consent, but since
blender already creates a similar folder called "config" (instead of
"scripts/presets") I suppose there is no problem, what I am not so sure is
if this (bpy.utils.preset_paths) is the right place to check and create this

The reason I chose to create this folder is because some scripts want to
write presets and if blender is installed system-wide, most users won't have
write access to the scripts folder (which is located at

The uploaded patch has number #25069.

for any english mistakes and thanks in advance :)

Micael Dias

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