[Bf-committers] CPU or GPU

Tobias Oelgarte tobias.oelgarte at googlemail.com
Thu Dec 9 10:17:05 CET 2010

The modelling depends strongly on the GPU since OpenGL is used to draw 
the interface and the content you edit. Especially when you have large 
scenes (many details) a good GPU might improve performance. But usually 
it is the rendering that is most time consuming, if you don't tend to 
use the weaker (less possibilities, especially shadows, refractions and 
reflections) OpenGL renderer. Physics, Postprocessing and Rendering 
strongly depend on the CPU and are usually the bottleneck when it comes 
to finish projects. A greater use of hardware acceleration (GPU) would 
be recommended, since there is much potential sleeping or unused. But it 
is hard to implement, because it always has its limits and since not all 
users have a GPU new enough to work with OpenCL, a fallback with same 
results must be provided.

Am 09.12.2010 09:34, schrieb Knapp:
> What in Blender is limited by the CPU and what is limited by the GPU or in
> other words what do you upgrade to improve what facet of blender?
> Thanks.

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