[Bf-committers] Indicator line in graph editor not updating when hitting ALT+A

Konrad Kleine konrad at konradwilhelm.de
Fri Dec 3 13:18:02 CET 2010


 I was wondering if this behavior is desired. To me it is confusing:

 0.) Suppose you have a simple animation and these editors are open: 3D 
 View, Timeline and Graph Editor
 1.) Press ALT+A while hovering over the 3D View. Notice that the 
 indicator line in the Graph editor isn't moving.
 2.) Click on the Play button in the timeline and watch the indicator 
 line in the Graph editor move. Depending on the "Playback" menu setting 
 you can change if the Graph editor is be updated when hitting the Play 

 Is there any reason to treat both actions (hitting play and pressing 
 ALT+A) differently? Notice that the Play button shows you the shortcut 
 ALT+A when hovering it but the shortcut does not the same as pressing 
 the button itself.

 If this behaivor is not desired I'm willing to fix it in code. I 
 already found the section but need to know how I can query the 
 Timeline's Playback setting when the mouse is hovering over another 


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